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I'm Kevin, yep, that's a photo of me, handsome aren't I? Came all the way across the sea in a big ship with my wife Monica to find a better life in the UK. I was a little sea sick but you should have seen Monica but that's another story.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Super - High Flying Humanoid

Wow what a humanoid!! who you ask?, well if you remember I showed you a photo of one of the humanoids grandchildren, she is call Sophie and was very poorly when she was born and also has Cystic Fibrosis.

Now her Daddy thought it would be a good idea to fly into the sky up to about 14000 feet then with the help of another humanoid jump into the sky – he must have had a brain storm.

Well if you click on this link Skydive you can see a video of him. If you click on this link Sophie's Story you can also see Sophie’s story.

Here is a photo of him falling down to earth – WOW, we are all VERY, VERY proud of him, I forgot to say he managed to get sponsors to pay him money which is all going to help find a cure for  Cystic
He also was presented with these two certificates, what a brave humanoid!!!!!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Kevin on Holiday

Well, well, well the humanoids actually asked me if I wanted to go on holiday to Cornwall with them – did I need to be asked – no, we loaded the car and set off.

Our first night we stayed in a Motel, tried to have a shower then I had my bed time drink.

When we arrived at Crantock Cornwall UK, our caravan was great we were all tired so we watched TV.

I had a go on my space hopper ate a banana and then went to bed.

I took a few bottles I found with me but they made me very sick.


I found a quite place to have a rest before we went to DairyLand Farm we all had lots of fun but the humanoids said I had to be put in the stocks as punishment for getting drunk – not funny is it?

I had a great time on the BIG slides with my friends,  the red slide was so high and steep it was very scary but a monkey has to do what a monkey does.

When you slide down the blue slide you land in a big pit full of plastic balls you then have to climb up a rope net to get out.

We all had a go on the see saw oh what fun then I could not resist having a ride on the flying chairs that was even better.

I then found a hanging rope roundabout after holding on very tightly I swung round very fast it was just like swinging in the trees back home across the sea.

You will never guess what else we did - we went ten pin bowling - you should have seen it the balls were massive and at the end of the lanes there were these 10 white things called skittles which you had to knock down.

This is me typing this blog for you to read, I will have to go now the humanoids are starting to load the car for the journey back home, until next time love Kevin.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kevin's New Vest

Cyril the stunt monkey has had a present all the way from a friend called Stine in the USA. His next film is been shot in the Arctic which is very cold, when Stine heard about this she sent him a very warm vest which he is trying out in the humanoids freezer.
where you can see her monkey’s modelling warm cloths.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

We are back

My first photo is the kids trying to hide in a tree that the humanoid put in the house in December, rather strange place for it we thought but it did look pretty with its flashing lights.

Just after that we all went on holiday to Monkey World down south, it was a bit too cold up here.

Anyway we are back now and if you remember I said some time ago we might go sailing well we have had a look round our new yacht – it is massive.

.....but as usual someone goes missing this time it was Mickey where was he - at the top of the mast and stuck. We had to ring for the firemen to get him down.

The humanoids even got a little yacht for Colin, Katie and Mickey.

After we helped the humanoid to take the yacht to its berth we went in to the house and found the kids
amusing themselves on the stairs.


They found a monkey called 'Dave' who talks and is a sea Captain, for a joke they ganged up on him and tied him to the stairs.


Needless to say they have all been grounded for a week. Dave was so traumatised he lost his voice and has joined the foreign Legion.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Geoff and Frankie go for a ride

Well we had the time of our lives today, our humanoid friend took us out in a big white van, we sat right at the front it was like being on the roller coaster for 8 hours. We saw lots of places and other humanoids, the scariest times were when vehicles came the other way, we had to shut our eyes because it looked as if they were going to run into us. We can’t wait till tomorrow to see if we go for a ride again.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Back Packers

Well well well look who has come to see us its Kevin's nephew and his wife, Geoff and Frankie.

They are back packing round the world after getting married. Hopefully they will only stay for a short while but the last time they stayed it was for two years.

They love Christmas as you can see they have matching Christmas jumpers.

Their plan is to go to Human World to find Great Uncle Wally, he keep bragging how good it is there watching the humanoids swinging in the trees trying to be like us and failing miserably. Uncle says humanoids act and smell very funny and and they can't wait to see for themselves.

Anyway before I go for my bedtime drink here is a family group photo.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Family Photos

Hi all I've just found some more of our family photos, I hope you like them.

Yes that is me wearing glasses, I only need them when I watch TV :-)

I over heard the humaniods talking the other night about buying a yacht and going sailing so I think we are all going to get wet. Keep your eye on this blog you never know I may be able to show you all :-)

...and just before I go, you will never guess what Jenson Mutton has been up to - he has bought a super bike and is racing it. Again he is sponsored by Motorcity, Walsall West Midlands UK. he must be mad, if he crashes it will hurt very much.
He had a near miss in his racing car at the beginning of the year.

I remember when Cyril the stunt monkey crashed his van he had two broken legs, right arm and fractured his left collar bone and had to have a ride in the Air Helicopter to hospital.

I must go now Monica has run me a bath, well a bucket so I am going to have a soak then I will have my bedtime bowl of peanuts then go to bed.